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About PumpMac

Based on the pump engine, PumpMac integrates a series of pump components to provide you with a one-stop solution for professional pumps.

PumpMac Introduction

PumpMac is a sub-brand of EMAC Group, focusing on water pump applications. Based on water pump engines, it integrates a series of pump components to provide pumps with power systems, fire pumps, water pumps, intelligent fire modules, control assemblies, etc. Professional one-stop solution.
Since the establishment of the PumpMac brand, it has closely cooperated with DCEC,CCEC Deuze, Caterpillar, Perkins, CAMC and other brands and represented its products. It has its own brands in the fields of pump power packs, fire pump sets, pump sets, and pump components. The products are widely used in Fire protection, petrochemical explosion-proof, construction site, underwater operation, factory water supply and drainage, agricultural irrigation, municipal emergency repair, emergency rescue and other scenarios, to provide customers with reliable and economical combined solutions.

Pump Drive Engine

As officially authorized water pump OEM packager, EMAC working closely with DCEC, Deutz and Perkins, provides high-end pump drive power solution.

PumpMac Power Pack

Based on the premium power of world-class brand engines, PumpMac producing complete engine power pack including air intake, air exhuast, cooling, control and power output system.

WPT PTO for Pumps

As an international manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment with a broad range of heavy duty applications, WPT Power has been a leader in the industry, providing superior products of the highest quality since 1992.

Advance Gearbox for Pumps

Hangzhou Advance Gearbox is the leading gearbox brand in China, with speed up gearbox and 2 in 1 out gearbox for water pump application, PumpMac is the OEM developing partner of KSB company for its 2 in 1 out gearbox products line.

PumpMac Power System Accessories

To meet different power system requirement, such as heat exchanger cooling, engine control, reliable engine shut-down, PumpMac developed a series of power system accessories to solve all of customer's problem.

PumpMac Fire Pump Set

PumpMac fire pump sets are widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire protection and other departments. Mainly divided into fire pump set, supplying fire pump set, pressure maintaining fire pump set, deep well fire pump set, submersible fire pump set, portable fire pump set.

PumpMac Water Pump Set

PumpMac provide different types of water pump set for customers as well, include open-frame pump sets, silent pump sets, pump trailers, pump trucks, and pump stations.

1000+ Projects Experience

After 12 years of continuous effort, EMAC acquired more than 1000+ projects with over 100 types of applications, including 20+ goveronment projects.

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