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Company Introduction: GCIC Industrial Engine Company

Feb 24, 2021 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

GCIC Industrial Power Co., Ltd. (referred to as: GCIC) is a joint venture between CMI (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. to manufacture diesel engines for construction machinery. It was incorporated on June 27, 2012 and is located in Guangxi. Liuzhou City, Zhuang Autonomous Region.

It is a high-tech enterprise that provides exclusive diesel engine power for construction machinery. It has a number of invention patents, inherits the century-old technology precipitation of CMI, and is tailored for the operation characteristics of construction machinery. The medium-horsepower engine that meets the third and fourth stage emission standards of Chinese/European non-road mobile machinery is trusted by the majority of users with its three distinctive features of reliability, fuel saving and intelligence, and is widely used in infrastructure, mines, ports, tunnels, In applications such as plateaus, there are many devices that have been used for more than 10,000 hours without major repair failures and are still working efficiently.

GCIC is an important part of CMI’ global production system. It fully uses CMI R&D platform, operation system and quality management system, and combines the characteristics and requirements of construction machinery working conditions to tailor the exclusive power for construction machinery to produce CMI QSB7 series and L9. 3/QSL9.3 series of construction machinery exclusive medium-horsepower diesel engines meet China’s non-road II/III, European Stage IIIA, and American Tier 3 emission standards, and have the ability to upgrade to Stage IV emissions.


Our Products:

In March 2013, the first L9.3 mechanical engine equipped with a 5-ton loader went on sale;

In October 2013, the QSB7 electronically controlled engine equipped with a 20-30 ton excavator went on sale, and was well received by customers;

In October 2015, the QSL9.3 electronically controlled engine equipped with a 5-ton loader was successfully launched. Relying on CMI’ mature electronic control technology, it successfully led the three-stage emission technology upgrade and intelligent trend of China’s construction machinery industry.

Our Advantage:

    Aggregate CMI nearly 100 years of R&D and manufacturing experience;

    Continue to innovate and maintain technological superiority;

    Superior manufacturing systems, advanced assembly techniques and equipment;

    Adopt CMI’ efficient supply chain system;

    Provide high-quality and fast after-sales service with CMI global after-sales service system.

    GCIC Industrial Engine Company Established~1

    Service System:

    GCIC will always take “inexhaustible innovation and customer success” as the goal, and provide customers with high-quality construction machinery exclusive power.


    GCIC Industrial Power Co., Ltd. has an assembly line, a test line, a coating line and an auxiliary assembly line, and the production area covers an area of ​​44,989 square meters.

    V-555 Series V8 Diesel Engine

    The assembly line is a highly automated production line. The production line uses Atlas electric tightening tools to ensure torque and control accuracy, and uses the Toolsnet system to manage and analyze tightening effects and process capabilities. Automatic equipment is used for assembly on the production line, and multiple fully automatic online inspection equipment is also used to effectively ensure that the key characteristics of the engine are controlled. Using Atlas’ technology for automatic valve clearance adjustment, the system has automatic error-proofing and data collection functions. The test line is used for the final inspection of the engine. The main inspection equipment is the automatic AVL hot test bench, black light detection and pre-installation lines before and after the hot test tooling to achieve accurate inspection and fully guarantee the inspection quality of each engine. The coating line mainly includes three parts: pre-treatment, painting and post-painting treatment. Using the combination of ABB painting robot automatic painting and manual touch-up, it can automatically identify the engine model information, automatically select the trajectory and color of the painting, and can be compatible with 7 different colors and automatically switch.

    The auxiliary assembly line is mainly used to assemble the external parts of the engine. All the final torque tightening on the production line adopts the Atlas electric tightening gun, which can effectively ensure the tightening effect and process capability of the fasteners. The entire production line adopts the CMES manufacturing execution system, which is the next-generation manufacturing execution system of CMI, which automatically performs process error proofing, monitors the construction status of the engine in real time, and collects information on the construction process of the engine to fully ensure the quality of the engine process.

    Quality Control

    Is a practice of the CMI Global Operating System (COS);

    Advanced production equipment and manufacturing technologies, such as AVL hot test benches, Atlas tightening tools, ABB automatic robots, etc.;

    Use Six Sigma as a problem-solving tool;

    Adopt advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology;

    Successfully passed the audit of the GCIC quality management system by the German Rheinland Testing and Certification Company, and obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification;

    Powerful IT system supports factory quality control;

    A NGMES manufacturing system realizes the functions of assembly information, quality warning, parts list, defect/repair record, deviation, QR code traceability/error-proofing, etc. in the production process;

    The B EASE system realizes the management of PFMEA, work instructions, process changes, control plans, etc;

    C CQMS system realizes the management of parts quality problems SCAR, assembly quality problems CAR, parts PPAP, etc.

    D ToolsNet electric tightening tools and assembly systems that monitor engine tightening torques, trends, SPC graphs, process capabilities, etc.

    E Gagetrak system realizes the management of calibration, verification and use status of all measuring tools in the factory

    Error-proofing and traceability: A large number of code scanning, material lamps, sensors, sleeve selectors, quality warnings, etc. are used for error-proofing; at the same time, parts batches, measurement data, torque, etc. are carried out through code scanning, automatic detection, electric tightening tools, etc. traceability;

    Process inspection: Periodic spot checks are conducted on torque, bolt clamping force, and thermal test oil products in the production process, and SPC control charts are made;

    Advanced quality laboratory: It has a measurement room, a physical and chemical room and a cleanliness room. The measurement equipment is basically selected from world-renowned brands, such as Zeiss, Mahr, Hommel, Millipore, Wilson, etc. The laboratory equipment mainly includes three-coordinate, universal tool microscopes , hardness tester, endoscope, roughness tester, ultrasonic instantaneous analyzer, cleanliness equipment, oil analysis equipment, etc.

    Engine quality audit EQA: engine quality audit is carried out on the engine according to the plan every month, and the early failure problems in the process of engine operation are detected in time.

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