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Cultural Genes of Dongfeng DCEC from Partners

Aug 19, 2021 | News & Events | 0 comments

Since founded, DCEC is the pioneer of Chinese engine industry. In Wang Ning’s view, thanks to the development of China’s reform and opening-up and the development of the economic environment, DCEC developed rapidly.

Dongfeng is one of the most outstanding full ranges of auto production enterprises in China; especially the commercial vehicle is completely independent brands.

Both companies advocate innovation, insist on innovation. Wang Ning says that in Dongfeng group, commercial vehicles have the independent brands and upgrade technical innovation. It has led to the development trend of commercial vehicle in China.  Nearly 30 years, product updates iteration, results emerge in endlessly, and brand is becoming more and more mature.

“No innovation, no future” is the slogan of DCEC. Wang Ning said. DCEC innovation, not only reflected in engine, but also includes the turbo charging system, filtration system, discharge system, fuel system, post-processing system, etc., all of them have a great development. Now, in order to fit the development of the whole Chinese market, all business units of DCEC in China have achieved a local research and development ability, the local resources of production and service system.

For the innovation gene of DCEC and Dongfeng Group, the spirit of innovation has also been involved in the “blood” of the development of DCEC.


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