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Working closely with both international companies in China and China industry lead companies, EMAC always watching the dynamic news and events in all partner’s companies. And we collecting all news and policies here in China, which can affect the whole manufacturing industry or change the products lifetime immediately. Our efforts provide a good gate for foreigners to know more about what happened in Chinese machinery industrial.
While we also happy to share what happened inside of EMAC group, either news inside of EMAC, or our global activities such as exhibitions and international visiting.
Meanwhile, there are lots of business cultures needs to be communicated with customers, as culture play an extremely important roles in Chinese business. Hidden Rules almost existing in every single industry in China, there are hundreds of ways to lower down prices and provides LOW PRICE offer for customers, as a company with long vision career, EMAC always puts quality and trust first, and we have to exposure these Hidden Rules to customers, to make sure we are talking on the same page and understand each other well.
While business frauds are everywhere in the world, lots of foreigner companies been cheated by Chinese companies, and Chinese companies including EMAC also been trapped by foreigner buyers, we collecting and sharing all business fraud cases, to help both companies inside of China and foreigner companies to keep away from business frauds.

News & Events

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Sales Team

Generator Engine - Mr. Haden Wu

Marine Engine - Mrs. Hailey Tang

Automotive Engine - Mr. Wells Luo

Industrial Engine - Mrs. Luna Fu

Pump Engine - Miss. Zora Zhou

Engine Parts-Miss. Nora

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee      

Service Team

Technical Service - Mr. Vin Hu

Customer Service - Mrs. Wendy Fu

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